Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Digestive Enzymes Supplement | Digestive Enzymes Supplements

Do you know the reasons why we need digestive enzymes supplement in our diet? Please read below to know why.

Eating our foods uncooked is the best way to have good nutritions in our body. Ideally, our body wants unprocessed food, typically, organically, locally harvested food. But this is not the reality. Ninety per cent (90%)of the food purchased by the Americans are processed food wherein most of the nutritions and enzymes are destroyed already. This is also true when we are cooking our raw food. The moment our food is cooked, majority of the nutritions and enzymes are destroyed also similar to what had happened to processed food.

There are so many reasons why we need raw food but the primary reason is due to what is called biophotons. Photons are transferred from the sun into biological forms which are stored in the plants. And when you eat raw vegetables or plants, the photons are transferred in you. But when you cook or heat the food, biophotons are destroyed and the energy transfer is limited. The enzymes are destroyed. Enzymes are proteins. They are catalysts. It helps us speed up and facilitate reactions in your body.

There are also many ways to help stimulate the production of enzymes in our body. One of these is by chewing the food that we eat. When you chew your food, there's a signal that is sent from your brain to stomach that tells your stomach to increase the production of enzymes. And as we age and reach 40, one-third (1/3) of your enzymes produced by the body is lost. Thus, many people as they age benefit from enzymes supplementation. This where the digestive enzymes supplement is coming in. Some of the foods that are rich in enzymes are papaya and pineapple and these are healthy.

So, let's consume our food raw if possible but if not, we can take digestive enzymes supplement to help us breakdown the foods that we eat, thus the nutrients will still be absorbed in our body.

Stay healthy always!

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